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Become a Carrier

At Iron Global Logistics, we love our carriers. We know you’ve got it hard enough… ELDs and HOS, gas prices, and increasing operational costs. You need transportation partners you can count on to deliver regular freight and quality loads.  Well, that’s us. Join the network and we’ll get you covered.




Haul Freight for IGL.

No Sweat.

This is a carrier's dream

Not all you're lanes are easy going. That’s why you need a true transportation partner. But let’s face it, the word “partner” is a ten-cent word in the brokerage business. Iron Global Logistics is different. Excellent communication, fast pay and regular freight are the foundation of our carrier relationships.

Truck and Warehouse

Regular Freight

You’re looking for regular freight. We’re looking for dependable carriers. Our lanes and your fleet… carry freight with Iron Global Logistics.

Don't run empty. Get on the load board...

Send us your daily capacity and get on our real time load board. We’ll match your trucks with thousands of quality loads we move every day.